Public Access

Hollands Farm Bourne End

There are approximately 2 miles of Public footpaths at Hollands Farm on 150 acres, and we ask people to keep to the authorised public footpaths and keep their dogs under control and on leads.

The consequence of organic production is that in the necessary cropping rotation there will be periods of grass & clover mixes being sown for 2 years or more. The grasses will either be mown or grazed by livestock. When they are grazed by livestock, gates need to be kept closed, and fencing secure, in order to prevent them straying off the farmland.

map of public access around Hollands Farm in Bourne End

Dog worrying

If a dog worries agricultural livestock, the farmer is within his rights to shoot the dog dead.

When a dog worries and or frightens horses or ponies, there can be a number of consequences.

  1. the incident will get reported to the police who will act appropriately under the ‘Dangerous Dogs Act 1991’.
  2. There may be a subsequent insurance claim to the offending dog owner for injury to the horse/pony and/or the rider if costs are incurred for vets fees, or hospitalisation by the rider.
  3. The horse/pony may kick and injure the dog in self-defence.
  4. If there is no dog handler present we will remove the dog and hand it over to the local authority dog warden.

To avoid unnecessary upset, we ask dog walkers to keep their dogs under control and on leads when they walk on the public rights of way at Hollands Farm